Brand identity and system

Matador is an app that makes financial investing simple and accessible for everyone, providing interest earnings on cash and a network of fellow investors to learn from.


Our timeline was roughly 2 months from ideation to delivery. In that time period, my role as the senior designer ranged from developing creative concepts, to presenting and guiding clients, to leading team members and delivering final assets.

Our team consisted of a creative director, project manager, consultant, a senior and mid-level designer.

Ginny Wang
Jonny Naismith
Lydia Pak
Ian Carroll
Danielle Kruzengia

This work was created at Moving Brands

We developed a vibrant and engaging identity centered on the idea of community and growth that set the tone for how the brand should look and speak across all the brand’s experiences and communications.
Partnering with Matador’s CEO, Head of Communications and Design Lead, we created a robust system that included graphic language, a set of illustrations and guidance to design for a variety of settings.